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Cettina Joins Worldly Strategies’ Team as New Digital Marketing Coordinator

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Cettina Nardulli Worldly StrategiesCettina is currently finishing up her junior year studying marketing at DePaul University. Aside from her passion for analytics and problem solving, Cettina loves to infuse creativity into her work and personal life. While she creates pieces of art for her family and friends, she hopes to put her skills to use on a larger spectrum by designing logos and other promotional materials for businesses in the future.

Cettina has prior experience in field marketing but is looking forward to expanding her knowledge into the digital realm. She is excited to work with the founder of the company, Becca, and cannot wait to help clients reach their goals.

When Cettina is not at school or work, she is most likely training. As a member of a veteran-owned training group, Backyard Affliction, Cettina relishes in challenging both her mind and body. Working in a team atmosphere, she has realized the power individuals can have on one another.  This mindset has carried over to both her professional and personal life. Whether pushing a teammate to complete a physically demanding set of activities or supporting a coworker to take their ideas to the next level, these acts of encouragement breed success. Implementing this into her new role with Worldly Strategies, she is confident that only triumphs will follow.

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