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Worldly Strategies is a results-driven, globally-minded digital marketing


We have experience marketing companies around the world and are poised to provide global insights and results.

At Worldly Strategies, we believe the best way to approach digital
marketing is through an integrated program. Harnessing a single type of
internet marketing can advance your business in many ways, however
integrating multiple online marketing services creates a powerful online
strategy. This will ultimately save your company time and grow your
bottom line.


Our History

Becca Berkenstadt founded Worldly Strategies in 2008 after the successful completion of the agency’s first bilingual consumer products campaign.  The company gained a global presence by signing its first international client while Berkenstadt was living abroad in Sydney, Australia. In addition, Worldly Strategies was instrumental in placing Rock and Roll Detective Publishing’s first book, “The Beatle Who Vanished,” onto the Amazon Best Seller List worldwide, requiring knowledge of international Google platforms and an understanding of cultural differences. These experiences aided Worldly Strategies in gaining a global marketing perspective which is useful in client campaigns.

About Becca Berkenstadt,

Founder of Worldly Strategies


Becca Berkenstadt is a dreamer, a realist and a bona fide right-brained Type A personality. Berkenstadt launched her own company, Worldly Strategies, in 2008. Worldly Strategies is a results-driven, globally minded digital agency implementing online marketing strategies.  Its core services include Social Media Management, Online Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing and Website Design. 

After being approached by several women who owned small businesses and didn’t want to pay big agency pricing, Berkenstadt launched her Social Media Coaching website, Through her 1:1 Social Media Bootcamp, she trains entrepreneurial women on how to market themselves and their companies online. 

Berkenstadt is a Google Certified AdWords Professional and has educational certificates in Mobile Marketing from Sydney University’s Continuing Education Program. She also holds certifications in Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Online Marketing, and Website Design from DePaul University’s Continuing Education Program. Berkenstadt graduated with honors from Chicago’s DePaul University with a degree in Marketing and Management with a minor in Spanish. Originally from Madison, WI, she has lived in Madrid, Spain; Sydney, Australia, and in other parts of the United States.


Berkenstadt’s internet marketing knowledge and expertise stem from her experience working stateside and internationally for marketing companies such as Networked Insights, now known as, an artificial intelligence company; Blackglass, a digital marketing company in Australia; and Kennedy Communications, a communications and marketing company located in Madison.

Giving back to the community has always been important to Berkenstadt. She donates 5% of her profits each year to an organization in her hometown of Madison, the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS).   In addition, Berkenstadt serves on the Board of the Professional Women’s Club of Chicago and is slated to become Vice President in 2020-2021. She also serves as Secretary of the Cremer Foundation which funds grants for not-for-profits organizations assisting at-risk groups (ie., the hungry, homeless, handicapped, abused, & troubled youth) in Madison, WI.
Berkenstadt lives in Chicago with her husband, Kyle, and Havanese puppy, Jelly Bean.


The digital marketing world is continuously transforming at the speed of light and it is important to have a vision for the future as well as stay grounded in the present. In order to thrive in the next five years and beyond we must be ready to analyze online marketing trends and adapt to the changing market. We must plan for tomorrow today. Our mission, vision, and values declaration ensures that Worldly Strategies exists to meet your marketing needs well into the future.

Our Mission


Let us please introduce our business goals and philosophies.

Our Vision

Our vision charts where we aspire to be a company in the years to come.

  • People: Give clients a feeling of business success and satisfaction.

  • Partners: Nurture relationships with suppliers and customers by assisting all parties in accomplishing their goals.

  • Portfolio: Expand and populate our offerings with each new client.

  • Planet: Never assume anyone has everything they need; give back to those that are less fortunate.

  • Profit: Maximize return in a way that is consistent with our mission and values.

Our Values

Our values serve as a moral compass to drive our actions and decisions in the business world.

  • Integrity – Present all facts upfront.

  • Leadership – Beyond Inspiration, inclusive of guidance, the bridge between the individual and the group.

  • Quality – Ability to deliver excellence.

  • Diversity – Capitalize on the wonderful gifts people have to offer no matter their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, nor their culture.

  • Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions.

  • Flexibility – Adaptation to the unexpected.

  • Team Work – Together we can reach the desired outcome.

Mission, Vision & Values



Worldly Strategies has chosen to partner with Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) in an effort to build awareness around a difficult topic that sadly plagues many families. DAIS works to ensure and preserve the safety and well-being of domestic violence survivors and their families.


We strongly support this mission and therefore Worldly Strategies donates 5% of its profits DAIS to help domestic violence victims in need.

Our company strongly believes that every business has a responsibility to give back to its community and we are honored to be able to partner with such a vital non-profit organization.

If you would like to support DAIS in providing hope and safety to victims of domestic violence, please visit If you are in need of confidential support or services, please call the DAIS crisis line at (608) 251-4445.

Social Responsibility
Our Team


The Worldly Strategies team consists of an expert staff that is dedicated to servicing clients and their marketing needs.


Our team consists of experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Website Design, and Graphic design.

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