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Casey Dvorak Joins Worldly Strategies as Digital Marketing Manager

Casey Dvorak Worldly Strategies

As her LinkedIn headline can attest, Casey Dvorak is a wicked smart marketing professional. Joining Worldly Strategies as our new Digital Marketing Manager, Casey brings with her diverse experiences in the marketing industry; from working in production at the Chicago branch of advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather to training teams of telemarketers in fundraising for the Cleveland Orchestra and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Casey knows her way around the marketing realm.

Casey’s favorite aspect of e-commerce is writing copy, infusing her effervescent personality into words on the screen. Having majored in Media & Cinema Studies and the History of Art & Architecture at DePaul University, however, she also delights in manipulating visual layouts for website design and social media conception. Casey considers herself a serial solopreneur and imbues that business acumen into all of her clients’ projects. Her weaknesses include being a vulture for errant commas and getting far too excited about a good font.

Casey’s hobbies include performing improv, learning Spanish, and pretending to be on the Great British Baking Show whilst heating up frozen pizzas.

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