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Sky Joins Worldly Strategies’ Team as New Digital Marketing Assistant

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Sky is a first-year student currently attending Wilbur Wright College as a psychology major. She is extremely dedicated to her studies and strives to leave her mark as a future psychoanalyst. She loves to help others in any and every way she can and she finds that looking at different perspectives is a significant asset to keeping her work creative and fresh.

Attending a performing arts high school, Sky learned to balance her music, schoolwork, social relationships, and employment in order to succeed in all areas. She realized how important balance and organization is in order to not only achieve your goals but to exceed the status quo as well, which she exhibits into all aspects of her life, including her work.

Sky is extremely sociable and enjoys spending her time meeting new people to learn from as well as discussing new ideas and future plans with. She believes communication is vital to success as a whole and always incorporates it into her work. She is thrilled to work alongside Becca, the founder of Worldly Strategies, and is excited to assist clients in developing their organizations as well as exceeding their goals. With her diverse approaches and focused work ethic, Sky strives to help clients flourish.

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