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Mobile Marketing Madison WI

According to ComScore, more than 50% of all mobile phone users in the U.S. own a smart phone[1] and according to Nielson, 3 out of 4 mobile searches trigger a follow up action such as a visit to a store, a purchase, a call to the business, a website visit, continued research, and sharing of content.[2] This means that there is a large audience of smart phone users waiting to be targeted and when targeted, they are very likely to convert. This shift in consumer behavior cannot be ignored and this is why it is important for companies to create mobile websites, apps, landing pages, and mobile specific ads.

Mobile marketing should be approached in combination with traditional media planning. Integration has produced greater results because users are no longer focusing on just one screen at a time. Therefore, we advocate for clients to mobilize their current marketing strategy rather than creating a separate mobile strategy.

Mobile Marketing Agency10 Ways Worldly Strategies can help you promote your business through Mobile Marketing:

  1. QR Codes/Image Scanning on Print Documents
  2. Mobile Web Design
  3. Google Adwords for Mobile
  4. In-App/Game Display Ads
  5. Mobile Website Display Ads
  6. Social Media
  7. SEO for Mobile
  8. Mobile App Advertising and Distribution
  9. Facebook Advertising for Mobile Devices
  10. Contests through Mobile Facebook Apps

Why Does Your Business Need to Implement Mobile Marketing?

  • Couch Commerce: Tablet optimized sites see an average revenue increase of 10%. [3]
  • Your website will show up higher in Organic Search Results (SEO) on a mobile device.
  • Ads run through a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign will have a lower Cost Per Click (CPC)/Cost Per Conversion (CPA). This leads to a more cost effective marketing campaign.
  • 85% of Americans use their mobile phone to access social media networks.[4]

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